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Precipitation of production strength Create a valve/pipe fitting industry benchmarking company

  • Honggu Machinery is a professional manufacturer of sanitary products integrating product development, production and sales.
  • With world-class production equipment, using new industrial concepts and strong technical strength
  • The company launched a consultant + nanny-style service, which is under warranty from the date of delivery.

Seiko products, excellent quality
Honggu Machinery has provided products to hundreds of customers

  • Strict implementation of various testing indicators, 100% guarantee the reliability of product quality
  • Strictly follow ISO, DIN, IDF and 3A industrial standards and control the production process, product specifications are equivalent to adopt international standards
  • Introduce advanced CNC equipment to make better products

Cultivate, authoritative recognition,
Honggu only serves better products and more thoughtful services.

  • ISO quality Certification
  • DIN German Standard
  • IDF Certification
  • 3A Standard
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Wenzhou Honggu Machinery Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Honggu Machinery Co., Ltd. Is specialized in the production of high-precision stainless steel sanitary series valves and fittings, ultrasonic extraction equipment, pa